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Asphalt and Concrete Crack Filling

crack filling Getting cracks in your pavement is unavoidable.  BUT, avoiding expensive repairs and unnecessary pavement deterioration is definitely doable. Parking Lot Group can help you by fixing those cracks and other pavement problems as they occur. The elements of the earth and polarities of weather have a major impact on your driveway pavement.  Water is the largest direct factor in pavement deterioration.

Crack Filling Service When water gets into the pavement sub-grade, during winter months or other extremely cold periods, it freezes, expands which results in the pavement cracking.  When left unrepaired, water also causes the sub-grade base to become unstable and prematurely deteriorate, beyond repair. This is grounds for an entire new driveway.

Routine crack filling and seal coating of pavement keeps your surface in the best possible condition.  Parking Lot Group wants to educate you on the importance of filling your pavement cracks.

Driveway Crack FAQ’s:

1.  When should pavement cracks be filled?

Crack filling should be done throughout the life of your pavement and at least once per year to keep your pavement in its best possible condition.

2.  What time of year should a parking lot or other pavement be crack filled?

Driveway Crack FillingCrack filling season begins in April and ends in November. Crack filling can be completed in the winter months as long as it is dry. It is best to crack fill going into the winter months, as the asphalt cracks are as wide as possible. In the colder months cracks expand and in the summer months, cracks contract.

3.  How long does it take the crack filling material to dry?

The crack filling material is applied at 300° F but cools to the touch in minutes.  Black silica sand is broadcasted over fresh crack filler to prevent tracking.

4.  Will sealcoat stick to crack sealing material?

Yes, it will.  The two materials will bond together, however the crack sealing material is designed to expand once its in the crack, so the seal can chip away from the crack fill.  There is a minor color difference between the two materials, so you can tell if a crack filled area needs to have another layer of seal coat applied.

5.  We had our pavement crack filled and some of the cracks re-opened?

asphalt crack sealingThis happens due to the freeze-thaw cycles in winter when greater expansion and contraction of pavement is occurring. Cracks may re-open due to excessive expansion and contraction.  The filler is designed to adjust to moderate temperature fluctuations, but it will not always work during extreme weather conditions.  This is why crack filling is a yearly maintenance procedure.

6.  How is crack filler applied and how does it work?

Crack filler is applied hot (about 300° F) and is squeegeed tightly into crack. When crack filler cools off it expands. It’s designed to be flexible and moves with changes in temperature as pavement expands and contracts.

7.  Can pavement that has cracks be resurfaced or will it require complete reconstruction?

Linear cracks in pavement are fine for resurfacing and do not require complete sub-grade reconstruction. However, if your pavement has several alligator cracks, it will most likely need to be completely reconstructed.

8.  Does sealcoat hide cracks and crack filler, making pavement look like new? 

No, it does not.  You will see crack filler through seal coat, as the crack filler is designed to expand and contract with temperature changes.  Pavement takes on a dark, vibrant color after seal coating, but you will still see repaired crack areas through the seal coat.

9.  What is the best thing I can do to prevent cracks in my pavement?

The best thing to do is get into a yearly routine of pavement maintenance, like crack filling and pavement sealing, to fix minor cracks and problems before they turn into bigger problems. Parking Lot Group offers a discount to maintain your driveway.

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