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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions about Parking Lot Striping/Marking, Driveway and Asphalt Sealing, and Parking Lot Group

How long does parking lot striping take? Parking lot striping can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the size of the parking lot and type of pavement marking and pavement striping required.

How long does it last? Pavement stripes and pavement markings generally last about a year, depending on how well maintained the parking lot is, and depending on how harsh the weather conditions have been.

Are there Missouri Laws that govern striping parking lots? Each parking lot has its own pavement striping and marking regulations depending on city codes. For example; Handicap markings have to be blue as well crosshatch striping in parking lots. Parking lot striping stall width is typically 9 ft with a length of 18 ft, by parking lot striping and pavement marking standards.

Who designs the striping plans? The architect or engineer of the business needing the pavement markings are the individuals who design the parking lot striping and markings.

Does Parking Lot Group work off our plans? Parking Lot Group Striping and Sealing will work off of plans provided, and we also do complete customs designs of parking lot striping and pavement markings, as well as hopscotch marking and striping; basketball diagram markings and striping; tennis court striping and marking; airport striping and taxi way striping and marking; fire lane pavement markings; curb striping; intersection marking and any other striping and marking you can imagine. We also do re-striping on faded striping and re-marking on fade markings.

Are there different types of paint used? Parking Lot Group will always use OSHA compliant and ADA approved Low VOC, waterborne, or oil based pavement marking and striping paint. We can use any color pavement marking and striping that you can think. We use all Airless Graico Striping and Pavement Marking machines so we can give our customers straight lines and uniform straight edges on all of our striping and pavement marking contracts. All of our striping and pavement marking traffic paint is ordered from Sherwin-Williams Paint Company.

How much does parking lot striping and marking cost? Factors that effect the price of a parking lot striping job, are parking lot striping layout time, if applicable; total linear footage of parking lot striping and marking; cleaning time/prep time prior to starting the parking lot striping or marking job; number of colors necessary for parking lot striping and/or marking; number and size of parking lot striping stencils.

What types of colors are used for parking lot striping and markings? Parking Lot Group uses whatever the city or the customer desires, more specifically yellow, red, blue and white. We obtain all of our traffic paint in white, yellow, red, blue and black. Black is used for marking out flawed areas.

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