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parking lot striping in st. louis Parking Lot Group is a full-service parking lot striping  and marking company. No matter what your striping or marking needs are, Parking Lot Group can help. 

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Parking Lot Striping, Marking

Parking Lot Group is experienced at all aspects of parking lot striping and marking.  A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients, and visitors entering your facility.  It’s easy to tell if a property owner has an emphasis on good maintenance for the property just by seeing the care that goes into their lot.

A well-marked, well-striped parking lot is designed for safety.

Every area of the lot should be considered important and planned:

  • Crosswalks
  • Stop barriers
  • Loading-zone markings
  • Pickup areas

Parking Lot Group can work with your blueprint or a we can design your lot for you.

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About Parking Lot Striping Paint

park lot striping and markingPaint, sometimes with additives such as retro-reflective glass beads, is generally used to mark road lanes. It is also used to mark the spaces in parking lots or special purpose spaces for disabled parking, loading zones, or time-restricted parking areas. Colors for these applications vary by locality. Paint is a low-cost marking and has been in widespread use since the early 1950s.

Paint consists of three main components: pigments, resins or binders, and water or solvents. Pigments are finely grounded materials that give out colors or block out the surface beneath it. They may contain other materials such as UV stabilizer, and fillers which bring out the color pigments to the required level. The resins for the water based paints are polyvinyl acetate latex, methyl methacrylate or acrylic resin. The resins for solvent based paints are linseed or soya oils and alkyd resins. The pigments and resins are mixed with water for water based paints and solvents for solvent based paints so that they can be applied onto the road, driveway or other surface.Parking Lot Group parking lot sealing

Painted symbols, such as turn-lane arrows or lane markers, are applied manually using stencils. Painted markings usually last 9 to 36 months. There are some water based paints that can be applied at double the level of thickness than typical latex paints. This technique can extend the life of the markings.

Let Parking Lot Group put our experience to work for you with a professional asphalt striping and marking project.

Parking Lot Repair & Sealing

parking lot sealingParking Lot Group can handle your entire parking lot repair, sealing and striping.  We’ll repair the cracks, seal the lot and stripe it like new again! Routine crack filling and seal coating of pavement keeps your surface in the best possible condition.

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